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Students excited for return of sport as Term One kicks off

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A  myriad of sports will be on offer for students to participate in. Photo: SCS Sport
A myriad of sports will be on offer for students to participate in. Photo: SCS Sport

By Bethany Alvaro

Tie up your laces because afternoon sport is re-commencing in secondary schools. Sydney Catholic Schools students are being promised a year full of exciting sporting opportunities, and what better way to start off with the recommencement of weekly sport, a much-loved aspect of school by many students.

Mark Bashara, a student at De La Salle College, Revseby, said weekly sport is a great relief from the challenges and stresses of the busy school week. It “helps take your mind off assessments and academics,” he said.

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As Term 1 kicks off, Sydney Catholic Schools is excited to expand the weekly sports program that has seen thousands actively engaged in interschool sports competitions every Thursday. This term, 465 teams comprising 6,150 students across Sydney will take to the court, pool, or field and immerse themselves in the sports world and reap all the benefits from this.

This term, a myriad of sports will be on offer for students to participate in, such as touch football, basketball and water polo. These particular sports have been chosen for their wide range of benefits, both in and out of the classroom.

Sports such as Basketball are extremely beneficial for teenagers due to the improvements it can have on their physical health, such as increasing cardiovascular endurance and strengthening a variety of muscles.

These sports were also chosen for their positive impact on the mental health of young people. The Australian Sports Foundation notes that touch football is a sport that can assist in stress management, increase self-esteem and boost mental alertness.

Furthermore, team sports such as water polo offer students the chance to strengthen social skills and offer a sense of belonging.

The community that sport can bring to students is one of the most valuable takeaways from school sport.

Patrick Dawes, a student at De La Salle College, Revseby, said sport is one of the most successfully ways to “represent the school and lead by example for next generation of students to show pride and spirit.”

Along with this, the continuation and development of the All-Abilities program will enable students with a variety of needs to be involved in an all-inclusive sporting environment.

Anna Turnball is a dedicated educator and advocate for inclusive sports education with a mission is to empower students with disabilities to develop their skills, access sporting opportunities, and ensure that every student can fully engage in the PDHPE curriculum.

“We eagerly anticipate furthering the growth of Sydney Catholic School’s Unified All Abilities Competition in 2024,” she said.

“From 2002 to 2023, we witnessed substantial expansion with over 200 more students participating in the program.

“The upcoming year holds promise as we introduce this initiative to the primary level, signalling exciting developments on the horizon.”

For the first time, students in all conference regions will be able to access the all-abilities program, creating a sense of camaraderie and unity in the student sports community across Sydney Catholic Schools.

European Handball will be on offer in the program, as this is a sport that offers physical benefits such as increasing agility and heart-rate, and also promotes the importance of teamwork and utilising communication skills to achieve a goal.

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