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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Archbishop Fisher: We recommit to the defence of life after horror Bondi attack

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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP at St Mary’s Cathedral. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

In the wake of the horrific knife attack on Saturday in Bondi Junction, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP of Sydney has mourned the victims and recommitted the Archdiocese of Sydney to life, which “demands our reverence and protection, especially when most vulnerable.”

The archbishop made his remarks before the celebration of Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral, with thousands gathered for the commemoration of the annual Day of the Unborn Child.

“At a time of universal grief and horror at the multiple murders and injuries at Bondi Junction yesterday, including the stabbing of a baby—as well as celebration of the courage of the baby’s mother, the policewoman, and other bystanders—we reflect upon our community’s profound commitment to the value of every human life,” Archbishop Fisher said.

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“In this Mass we recommit ourselves and our community to that principle, even as we pray for eternal life for yesterday’s victims. 

“We acknowledge that all human life is made in the image of God, made for a full life on Earth and eternal life in heaven, and so demands our reverence and protection, especially when most vulnerable.”

Archbishop Fisher also briefly reflected upon the breaking news that Iran had mounted a drone and missile attack on Israel.

“The attacks by Iran upon Israel today, escalating that terrible conflict in the Holy Land of our saviour, also highlight the violence in human hearts, and our need to find God’s peace,” the archbishop said.

The Day of the Unborn child is a major pro-life event attracting thousands of Sydney Catholics for Mass and a rally in defence of the sanctity of life.

Initial counts suggest thousands attended the Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral, with crowds similar to those over the Easter Triduum.

“That we might rise this day from the tomb of violence and sin, to new life with the Easter Lord, the prince of peace, let us repent of our sins,” Archbishop Fisher said, before leading the congregation in the confiteor. 

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