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What is the party’s position on access to renewable energy affordable for low-income earners and renters?

NSW Labor is committed to ensuring all people in NSW have access to
renewable energy, including low-income earners and renters.

In line with the recommendations of the NSW Auditor-General critical of existing government programs supporting vulnerable households, a Daley Labor Government will review those programs and ensure the more than $300 million being spent each year is applied to best effect.

This will include finding innovative ways to provide the benefits of solar and other
renewable energy for households in economic stress. In government, Labor will
also develop solutions for those living in rental accommodation to also share in
the benefits of clean energy.

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is committed to taking the pressure off household energy costs.

In September 2017, the NSW Government committed $80 million through its Energy Affordability Package to help households save energy and money through upgrades to appliances and equipment. This package included:

• Discounts for households to upgrade energy efficient appliances, like LED lights and air conditioners
• Discounts for low-income families with concession cards on energy efficient fridges and TVs
• Energy efficient upgrades for tenants in community, public and Aboriginal housing
• Rooftop solar installations for customers on energy hardship programs

Together, these initiatives will assist over 180,000 households to save over $400 million on their energy bills by 2035.

As part of our Energy Affordability Package we also increased all energy rebates by 20 per cent, which is helping around 900,000 low-income households and families across NSW with their energy bills.

In 2018, we also announced a further $15 million initiative to help low-income households access solar energy. Under this initiative, up to 3,400 solar power systems for low-income households will be rolled out across the Central Coast, North Coast, South Sydney, lllawarra-Shoalhaven and South Coast regions.

We have also launched a free Cost of Living service through Service NSW centres and online to make it easier for NSW residents to access more than 40 NSW Government rebates and savings. This service includes the free Energy Switch service, which helps consumers to switch to a better electricity plan where savings can be found. Consumers that have used the Energy Switch service have saved on average over $400 a year on their annual electricity bill.

The Christian Democratic Party believes in the need to pursue and explore reliable, affordable and accessible energy options for the people of NSW.

NSW homes and businesses deserve secure and affordable energy sources. Whether that energy comes from electricity and gas, or renewable energy, our state needs reliable energy to run.

In 2011, the Christian Democratic Party was able to use its position, holding the balance of power to ensure that 160,000 solar rebate contracts across New South Wales would not be compromised by the O’Farrell Government’s decision to reduce the rebate. To his credit, Mr. O’Farrell and his Government listened to the Christian Democratic Party and decided to not retrospectively change rebates.

When it was brought to the Christian Democratic Party’s attention that 160,000 families would be affected by this decision, we knew we had to bring this to the Government and raise our voice on behalf of these families, many of these were retirees.

In 2018, I chaired an inquiry into electricity supply, demand and prices in NSW, and if re-elected I will continue to use our position to fight for the people of NSW to ensure our families and businesses can afford and access reliable energy, as well as looking to our future and supporting the growth of affordable renewable energy sources.

We are committed to ensuring that energy costs are as low as possible recognising that high energy costs harm low-income earners. We support access to renewable energy for low-income earners.

Privatisation of the electricity market in NSW has failed. Power is increasingly expensive, while little action is taken on climate change and energy companies continue to make record profits.
The Greens will establish PowerNSW, a publicly owned energy company to manage the growing fleet of publicly owned renewable energy assets and deliver 100% renewable electricity for consumers reliably and affordably.
PowerNSW will offer electricity prices without the excess charges and inflated margins
demanded by the major energy companies. This would halve retail costs, saving the average customer over $200 a year.
The Greens will allocate $15 million for the establishment of PowerNSW.
Aside from managing renewable energy assets and delivering power to consumers, PowerNSW will also be responsible for overseeing an upgrade of the NSW power grid and development of large-scale energy storage projects.
Importantly, the electricity sold by PowerNSW will be 100% renewable, delivering affordable, reliable and zero emission energy for everyone. After establishment costs PowerNSW will be self-funding from its operating revenue.

Affordable energy is important to all people of NSW, more so for those of low income. The party supports investment in ensuring all people of NSW has access to affordable energy.


We will abolish the $85 pa NSW electricity tax, plus increase energy supply from all sources, thereby further cutting power costs in the medium term.

The AJP supports subsidies to allow low-income earners access to renewable energy.


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