What is the party’s position on increasing social and affordable housing stock across the state?

A Daley Labor Government will:

• Conduct a full audit of government-owned land and create the Affordable Housing Land Register. This full audit will of government land will identify holdings that could be developed for Affordable Housing.

• Deliver a 25% Affordable Housing mandate on government-owned land.
Labor will work with stakeholders to ensure that land owned by the
Government which is fast-tracked for development will have a 25% mandate
of Affordable Housing within our first term in government. We will end the
practice of selling Government-owned land to the highest bidder without
obtaining the maximum social utility.

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• Implement a 15% Affordable Housing mandate on privately developed
land. Labor will work with stakeholders to introduce a mandate of 15% of new
dwellings or floor space on privately developed land within our first term of
government. 15% of dwellings designated as Affordable Housing will be
available for rental or sale to low and moderate income households within our
first term in government.

Based on our foundational principles, the AJP recognises the need for both affordable and social housing stock across NSW and acknowledge the extensive waiting periods associated with these.


The NSW Government is currently delivering with the biggest social housing building program in the country, building 23,500 new and replacement social and affordable housing dwellings over the next 10 years.

Each home is designed to ensure they are easily adaptable for residents with disabilities and those with limited mobility.

Additionally, the NSW Government will deliver another 3,400 social and affordable housing
properties through Phase 1 and 2 of the Social and Affordable Housing Fund.

Our main policy on social housing is to ensure it does not become prone to the problem of ethnic enclaves and intergenerational poverty.

The party supports the need for affordable housing across all NSW.


We support laws and policies that improve the ability of Australians to rent and own affordable and high-quality housing.

As the Chair to the Select Committee on Social, Public and Affordable Housing, the foundation for my approach to this inquiry was that everyone should have a place to call home, a place that provides stability, security, safety and connection to family and community. Access to affordable, safe and sustainable housing is imperative, as it can ameliorate disadvantage and enable people to participate in society, both economically and socially. We have an ageing population and people want to age in place, to flourish and
live independently.

Homelessness is rising, and sadly, more women, children and veterans are being represented in homelessness statistics. Alarmingly, overcrowding, couch surfing and sleeping in cars is becoming more commonplace and this is unlikely to change significantly unless the shortage in supply of social housing is promptly addressed.

The CDP acknowledges the need to find stable homes for our children in out-of-home care, and to extend these services to 21 years of age when necessary.

The Christian Democratic Party believe the NSW Government needs to re-engage with the community housing sector to help build and enhance the social housing system. Enabling the community housing sector to play a greater role in the social housing system has significant advantages.

We believe strong government leadership is also essential, to drive the necessary reforms for sustainable growth in social and affordable housing, and to help alleviate the existing unrest in the housing sector, particularly given many organisations have also been acutely affected by the Going Home, Staying Home homelessness reforms and the loss of the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

The Christian Democratic Party will support the Government in any policy directives that put the people first.

The Greens believe housing should be a universal right. Just like Medicare and our public school system, everyone should be able to get social housing if they need it. Social housing should be a desirable and realistic alternative to taking out a mortgage or renting for life in the private market. The Greens will grow the housing stock to make homes available to people most
in need and those on higher incomes who choose to be part of our universal housing scheme.
The Greens will create 300,000 social homes over ten years, to meet the gap in low-cost rental housing. All housing on public land will be social housing, and we will set inclusionary zoning targets so that at least 30% of housing on private land will be social housing.

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