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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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WA Uni cancels US doctor’s talk on “unscientific” transgender movement

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Pediatric endocrinologist, Dr Quentin Van Meter. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

The University of Western Australia has cancelled a talk by a reputable US pediatrician who has criticised the lack of scientific evidence behind the transgender movement.

Dr Quentin Van Meter spoke recently at the National Civic Council’s office in Sydney, where he said there is no scientific basis behind the transgender movement.

Dr Van Meter who has worked for 38 years as an endocrinologist and 42 as a pediatrician, said that “sex is binary” and “from the moment of conception you are male or female.”

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He also said the transgender movement is a “social movement dressed up science.”

He was due to speak at UWA last Friday night but the university cancelled the talk stating that the organisers did not provide risk assessment paperwork in due time.

“We have been advised the risk surrounding the event has been elevated to a higher level, which mandates a more robust event management plan.”

The university claims it still upholds freedom of speech stating that it “holds firm on the principles of freedom of expression and maintains its position that it does not wish to set a precedent for the exclusion of objectionable views from the campus.”

NSW President of the National Civic Council, Asha Towers, said the NCC had their security paperwork submitted to the university before the stipulated time.

“Essentially it’s about an academic being banned by a student activist really which is very problematic. I think some university deans are afraid of student activists,” Ms Towers told The Catholic Weekly.

She said another venue was found for Dr Van Meter’s talk in Perth and ran very successfully with a high turn-out of people.

During his one-week tour of Australia Dr Van Meter spoke in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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