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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Uni Chaplaincies build bridges with schools

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University Chaplaincy Coordinator, Tony Mattar, speaks to Year 11 students from Trinity Catholic College Auburn.

Over 180 students from Trinity Catholic College in Auburn recently visited four of Sydney’s secular universities to experience a day in the life of a uni student.

The Year 11 students were given guided tours on 10 April of UNSW, USYD, MQ and UTS campuses, exploring main faculty buildings for law, physics, medicine and as well as museums.

They were addressed by the Catholic Society at each university on the topic of ‘materialism’ and were able to experience what Mass was like on each campus. Some Masses were celebrated in a chapel and some in tutorial rooms.

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Students from Trinity Catholic College enjoy lunch at Sydney University organised by Catholic Chaplaincy.

“The aim of days like yesterday are to create awareness among students in schools that if one day they get accepted into university, the Church is always by their side and journeying with them throughout their life,” Tony Mattar, University Chaplaincy Coordinator at the University Catholic Centre, told The Catholic Weekly.

“Even if this means that it only takes one school at a time, days like today are so important for future Catholics.”

The students on campus and then took part in Q&A panel sessions where they were able to raise questions about university life.

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