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The Sydney teen who saved Glenn Wheeler’s life

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Jonathan Davis was the first on the scene of Glenn Wheeler’s near-fatal accident.

A Sydney university student has been presented a St John Ambulance Award for saving the life of television and radio personality Glenn Wheeler after he was involved in a near-fatal accident in January.

Jonathan Davis, a first-year nursing student at the University of Notre Dame, was first on scene of the Woolooware accident and immediately performed first aid on Wheeler, who had been riding his scooter when he was hit by a car.

“I was playing cricket on the day, and I was batting, when we all heard this loud smash,” Jonathon said.

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“You could see a guy on the road, he had been knocked off his scooter by a car. I knew first aid, so I sprinted over, made sure Glenn was in the recovery position, when through the process we were taught.

Then I attended the woman, maintained the situation, keeping them both stable until the ambulance paramedics arrived.”

The Save a Life Award was presented to 18-year-old Jonathan last month.

“I am overwhelmed honestly, I feel like I was just doing what I had a duty to do because I had the skills. I did what I had to do. I honestly hope that if I wasn’t there someone else would have done what I did.”

Associate Professor Tracey Moroney, dean of nursing, said Jonathon’s quick thinking and knowledge changed the outcome of the accident.

“This is a highly desirable characteristic of today’s registered nurse. We think Jonathon is well placed to make a difference to the lives of his patients and their families.”

Jonathon was guided by knowledge gained through his newly acquired St John Ambulance First Aid Certificate.

“I knew I had the skills to do what I needed to do at the time of the accident, and stayed calm and focused throughout. It was only afterwards when it all hit me,” he said.

“That’s when Glenn’s son came over and I saw how distraught he was – it was really distressing watching his son’s reaction to it.”

While the incident affirmed Jonathan’s career choice, he used the opportunity to advocate for first aid qualifications.

“I shouldn’t be applauded for doing what I had to do, I feel especially now, everyone should know First Aid … if something happens in front of you, you should be able to do something about it.”

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