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The perfect start to your week: breakfast at Bishop’s Blend

It's the perfect start to a working week for young Sydney CBD professionals and office workers: reflecting on our lives, our faith and our vocations over breakfast with Bishop Richard Umbers

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Bishop Richard Umbers speaks during a Bishop’s Blend breakfast for young Sydney CBD workers in 2017. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

COVID has changed almost everything, and nowhere more so than in the workplace.

With remote working now an accepted practice and Zoom meetings an all too familiar event, how do those returning to the office strive for personal sanctity and for the sanctification of the workplace?

It’s not just about meeting deadlines, earning money or praise for a job well done, it’s about discovering a higher purpose and sacred value.

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Getting close to God through work

In the first Bishop’s Blend Breakfast in over two years due to the pandemic, host Bishop Richard Umbers will explore how we can all strive to sanctify ourselves and others through work by becoming more Christ like.

The Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney will discuss the importance of connecting with others and recovering social interaction post pandemic.

“COVID and working remotely has made us all rethink about what work actually is,” he told The Catholic Weekly.

Young Sydney CBD workers gather for a Bishop’s Blend Breakfast in 2017. Shut down like so many other things by two years of COVID lockdowns, Bishop’s Blend returns to the CND fro Monday 8 August. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

Our daily situation and our call

“While some can’t wait to get back to the office, not everybody is as keen, but I guess as Christians we need to think about the importance of both our work and the people we meet there and what that means for sharing the faith.

“That’s not to say it’s confined to the workplace, but we can’t ignore the importance of the work we are undertaking and the people we work with.

“It’s through the extreme circumstances of COVID that we have had to cut contact with others but we do have a mission and part of the challenge of the workplace is trying to make it meaningful and to think about how am I motivating other people.

Bishop Richard Umbers takes questions form the floor during a Bishop’s Blend breakfast for young Sydney CBD workers in 2021. Bishop’s Blend returns to the CND from Monday 8 August. Photo: Giovanni Portelli Photo: Giovanni Portelli

A perfect start to the week

“There really is something to be said for prayer, when you look at the saints they faced challenges and even in their own lifetime there was no recognition, but they did it because it’s what God wants and in the end that’s how we identify ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ and how we are going to get people to heaven.”

The Bishop’s Blend for young professionals is being held on Monday 8 August at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney from 7am to 8.30am.

If you work in the city, it’s the perfect way to start your day and week!

For tickets go to https://sydneycatholic.eventsair.com/the-bishops-blend/tbbx


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