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The importance of religion in war-time: Notre Dame lecture

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DragovicWhy does religion matter in times of conflict and peace-building?

Religion and international affairs expert Dr Denis Dragovic will speak on the topic to mark the launch of the Religion and Global Affairs Program of the Institute for Society and Ethics at the University of Notre Dame this week.

For more than a decade Dr Dragovic has worked with United Nations agencies and NGOs in conflict and post-conflict environments in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, including three years in Iraq, leading humanitarian and development programs.

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He holds a PhD in political theology from the University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom, and is the author of Religion and Post-Conflict Statebuilding: Roman Catholic and Sunni Islamic Perspectives, as well as numerous literary and policy articles.

Drawing on experience as a senior aid practitioner Dr Dragovic will discuss current practises in the field and relate them to his recent research on the role of religious institutions.

In this inaugural keynote lecture, he will argue that the challenge for scholars and practitioners alike is in gaining a better understanding of what motivates religious groups and in turn where their ambitions may align with those of international organisations.

The talk will take place at St Benedict’s Hall at the Broadway campus of the University of Notre Dame from 5pm on 24 September.

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