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Exploring the depths of grief in The Chosen

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The Chosen grief - The Catholic weekly
Jesus mourning with his disciples. Photo: Photo:

While episode three touched upon the agony of suffering, faith, power and unanswered prayers, its final scene involving Ramah set episode four up to further unpack these themes amidst the repercussions of her shock death. 

Episode four opens with a procession, which follows the grieving disciples as they take Ramah’s body back to her father Kaphni. 

Along the journey to Tel Dor, the disciples all grapple with their grief and the reality that, unlike what they have witnessed before, Thomas’ faith didn’t change Ramah’s fate. 

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Simon Peter reminds John and Big James, who questions what occurred knowing that Jesus has brought someone back from the dead, to remember that “his ways are not our ways.” 

A reminder that we may not know why we suffer in this life, despite having strong faith, but we must trust in God’s plan. 

Thomas meets with Kaphni but leaves soon after as the father’s grief has led him to curse Jesus and the disciples, forbidding them to enter his town for the funeral. 

While Jesus moves through Capernaum healing and preaching to the crowds, an aggrieved Kaphni is on a mission of his own to expose him as a fraud and a deceiver. 

The montage does well to show that just as strong faith, at a time of deep loss or suffering, can draw one closer to God, a lack of faith can just as easily push one away. 

In a brilliant way to tie in these themes of faith, suffering and power, The Chosen takes the opportunity to fulfil Gaius’ arc by bringing in the Biblical story of the Centurion from Matthew 8:5–13. 

After months of conversion, helped along by what he has witnessed and his interactions with Matthew and Simon Peter, the now-Praetor Gaius goes to confront Jesus. 

It is a scene that reveals the beauty of the sacrament of confession, Gaius kneels before the Lord, confesses his sin, professes his unworthiness, and asks for healing—knowing in faith it will be granted to him. 

As professed by the former centurion, Gaius’ son is healed with just one word. 

Jesus’ willingness to give to those who show great faith not only sparks humility among the disciples, as we see in an encounter between Jesus, Little James and Thaddeus, but it also stirs ambition.   

John and Big James attempt to capitalise on Christ’s generosity by claiming seats of power at his side. 

Disappointed at their self-serving request, Jesus sends the disciples ahead while remaining alone to wrestle with their lack of understanding in his teachings on servant leadership and authority.  

How can the disciples, the future leaders of his church, still be deaf to his words after spending so much time in his presence, especially with his Passion just on the horizon?  

After intense contemplation, Jesus finds consolation in a quiet embrace with Gaius, the gentile who despite worldly power had a faith found nowhere in Israel. 

Episode 4 of The Chosen Season 4 can be watched via The Chosen App or on their website.

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