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Talks make course of dating run more smoothly

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Much confusion and heartache can be avoided with faith, self-knowledge and some hard personal work, says Simon Carrington, author of audio course Are We Dating?

Simon Carrington wants to cut through dating confusion

A new course aimed at single Catholics promises to help them to build fun, healthy and intentional dating relationships.

The 10-day course titled ‘Are We Dating?’ is offered by Simon and Madeleine Carrington. They are the husband and wife team behind Fire Up Ministries which focuses on offering teenagers and adults a Catholic perspective on sexuality, dating and marriage.

Via recorded audio sessions based on his most popular talk Simon shares insights, suggestions and challenges for cutting out much of the potential for confusion and heartache.

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“So many people say to me, ‘This person did this and said this to me, but are we dating? I don’t know’,” said Simon.

Simon and Madeleine Carrington with their son Joseph. PHOTO: Supplied

“There’s a huge amount of confusion around this for young people right now and I think that when social media platforms like Facebook took off about 20 years ago is when this really blew up.

“In the course I call out the fact that so many people don’t first do the work in their own personal life. When you don’t set a really healthy foundation as a single person you end up jumping or stumbling into a dating relationship that’s super unhealthy,” he said.

“The second thing I call out is that grey area where the second guys and girls start chatting and texting and flirting with each other it gets very hot and heavy. There’s so much emotion and intensity and then it fizzles off very quickly. People can think they have fallen in love but it’s all over in two days.”

Jacob Laous, 20, has organised a group of friends to listen and discuss the talks together. “It’s bringing healing and hope to me in the wake of my own past relationships,” he said, adding that it is also strengthening his faith in God and challenging him to make changes in his own life.

Nikita D’Souza, 19, says she is focused on developing deep friendships and her faith. PHOTO: Supplied

Nikita D’Souza, 19, said the course had brought her “so much clarity and joy” and increased her determination to focus on developing good friendships and seeing the good in others and in herself. She also felt more encouraged her to live her faith in everyday life. “I highly recommend it,” she said.

Madeleine said the course will also help people already in a dating relationship to “take it from one that is good to great”. Plans for a second course are already underway, which will look beyond the first date and how people may discern the potential for marriage.

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