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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Siblings study the West at ACU

It’s a big family affair at Australian Catholic University where three sets of siblings are studying the university’s Western Civilisation program. In their teenage years Agnes, 19, and Millie Jee, 17, shared a bedroom, years of Irish dancing, and a desire to study medicine.

Civilisation study online

Campion College Australia is preparing to launch a short online course this week on Western Civilisation. The pre-recorded lecture series will cover topics in the...

Interest in our roots is rising

In his recently released book, The War on the West, the British writer Douglas Murray laments the fact that the great contributions, ideas, and institutions of Western Civilisation are no longer celebrated.

Michael Casey: A tradition we need to own

It's important that students understand the things that gave rise to the world in which we live today Working at a university, it is has...

Dumping Western civilisation: the difference Christianity makes

When distinguishing between one’s contemporary culture and those that are foreign and in the past the English scholar and Catholic historian Christopher Dawson argues...

Grand Tradition

Are you seeking a deep understanding of western literature, philosophy, art, politics, religion, science and history? Want to know how these important fields of study...

Easter: the search for meaning

What does Easter mean for you?  For many, in an increasingly materialistic and pleasure driven society it’s all about hot cross buns, chocolate Easter...
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