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Are private wedding vows a good idea, or not?

A new trend for “private vows” at weddings is taking off for people wanting a more intimate ceremony. Understanding why we make vows can help us understand why they’re not necessarily the way to go for Catholics, write Francine and Byron Pirola

Couple move Heaven and Earth for Dad on their happy day

Your unwell father can’t make it to your wedding? Not a problem—bring the wedding to him at his aged care home. “We wanted Dad involved right from the beginning,” said new bride Katie Beckett.

Syriac Catholics in Sydney lose relatives in catastrophic Iraq fire

Sydney’s Syriac Catholics are in mourning after a catastrophic fire in northern Iraq that claimed more than 120 lives and injured more than 150 at a wedding reception.

Simcha Fisher: Get your wedding de-planning services here

My daughter once worked at Michael's craft supply store. It wasn't a very challenging job, so she took it upon herself to add a...

Q&A with Fr John Flader: Wedding ring of Our Lady

Dear Father, I remember reading some time ago that the wedding ring of Our Lady is still in existence somewhere. Is this credible?

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Couple fill empty church with love

It was a case of third time lucky for newly-weds Sujin and Jason Wong. The young Meadowbank couple were married at St Peter Chanel Catholic...

Love and marriage in a time of coronavirus

Hayden and Raffaela pray for a solution after wedding plans were shattered by church closures.
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