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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Pro-life March is full of spirit – but peace reigns everywhere

The throng at the pre-march rally on the National Mall in Washington doesn't give a true sense of the sheer bigness of the march itself.

Trump first sitting President to address March for Life

"Together we are the voice for the voiceless," Trump told tens of thousands of people

Monica Doumit: Our voice for life will not be silent

“We are the pro-life generation.” Out of all of the chants that rang through the National Mall in Washington DC at the beginning of the...

Tweet And You Shall Receive What do you do when your pilgrims ask for more prayer time in a foreign city when a subzero wind chill warning has been...

Euthanasia leads to bracket creep

 Euthanasia laws in Europe have shown the danger of bracket creep claiming far more lives, including those of babies and children, than originally intended...

WYD 2019: Sydney pilgrims join 200,000 in walk for life

“G’Day Mate! That’s ‘the Lord be with you’ in Australian.” So began Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher’s words to the 18,000 pilgrims assembled in Capitol One...

WYD pilgrimage 2019: Coming together

The Sydney Catholic Youth pilgrims this morning joined pilgrims from Sydney Catholic Schools for Mass; the first time the groups have gathered together in...
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