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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Bishops call for peace in the Middle East

In a statement endorsed by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference at its plenary meeting in Sydney yesterday, the bishops said the “violence in the Holy Land has shaken many people around the world. We too, have been shaken.”

Ukrainians, Palestinian Christians won’t be robbed of Easter joy

Ukrainian and Palestinian Christians anxious about loved ones living in active war zones are praying for mercy, peace and the joy of the resurrection this Easter

Sydney’s Melkite youth raise funds for peace

Melkite youth in Sydney joined a ‘walk for peace’ on 2 March, part of a larger initiative of the Melkite Eparchy and the Melkite Charitable Foundation to raise funds to aid war-affected Christian communities this Lent.

Nuclear safety can’t rely on divine intervention

The world narrowly escaped nuclear destruction during the Cold War through luck and divine intervention. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again, writes Dr Michael Walker

Syrian Christians under fire in Sudan

The influx of fleeing Sudanese Syrian Christians into Egypt has begun to grow as military forces continue to wage war in the Sudan capitol of Khartoum, with local advocates attempting to evacuate their countrymen to Australia.

Anthony Cleary: Dickens was right, ours is an age of paradox

No matter the era, people live in times of paradox, and these paradoxes relate directly to the society in which they live.

George Weigel: The re-emergence of the grave sin of Jew hatred

For Christians to engage in any form of antisemitism is to add further blows to the smitten back of Christ, says George Weigel.

Palestinian Christians plead for peace

Australia’s Palestinian Christian community is pleading for an end to fresh violence in the Holy Land, which has left at least 1500 dead and 6000 injured.

ANZAC Day: Wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death...

This ANZAC Day, let us use the time to reflect on the horror of what could happen were we to walk away from peace

Entrusting the world to Mary’s intercession, Pope Francis consecrates Ukraine, Russia As Russia's violent month-long invasion continued to devastate Ukraine, Pope Francis laid the fates of both countries at the feet of Mary in the...

Papal consecration of Russia, Ukraine has history of controversy behind it

While bishops in Ukraine and Russia were grateful Pope Francis would consecrate their nations to Mary, other Catholics eagerly awaited the text of the...

Pope Francis on Ukraine: ‘Stop this massacre’

Appealing again for an end to the war in Ukraine, Pope Francis said those who invoke God to promote or justify violence "profane his...
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