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More than 100 killed in South Australia euthanasia scheme’s first year

Numbers expected to increase in South Australia, as ACT prepares to introduce nation's most extreme voluntary assisted dying scheme

ACT considers bizarre notion of human rights

By year’s end each state and territory, with exception of the Northern Territory, will have enacted legislation to enable euthanasia.

Updated: Court ruling on telehealth euthanasia ‘win for commonsense’ says Bishops’...

A Federal Court judge has ruled that euthanasia by telehealth is illegal, a decision welcomed by Bishop Timothy Harris of Townsville

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Voluntary Assisted Dying divides us into two...

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: As euthanasia comes into effect in NSW, I call on lawmakers to give us legal space to provide compassionate care

Brigid Meney: Euthanasia vs the Good Samaritan

Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws commence operation on 28 November, making interventions designed to end a life, legal in New South Wales.

Conference brings Catholic medics together in support of good ethics

A national Catholic medical association conference has been a shot in the arm for doctors facing the introduction of VAD in New South Wales.

Canada now in euthanasia freefall

Horrifying new statistics from Canada’s euthanasia regime have prompted further warnings from pro-life groups, with NSW’s own voluntary assisted dying (VAD) own scheme less than a month from commencement.

New research shows one in four Canadians want euthanasia for the...

Twenty per cent of all Canadians think euthanasia should always be allowed, regardless of who requests it, with over a quarter consenting to the expansion of the Canadian scheme to homeless people and those living in poverty.

Victoria’s rising euthanasia rate shows governments won’t bear the cost of...

Is it a coincidence that palliative care funding shortfalls have been accompanied by a rapidly-rising euthanasia death rate

Monica Doumit: Don’t get sick in the bush!

A recent report showed that health services and outcomes in regional NSW are far worse than in the cities. For some MPs, euthanasia is the solution

Hayden Ramsay: Loss of sense a good lesson

I’m recuperating from a nasty bout of covid. It had many unwelcome effects. Surprisingly, complete loss of smell has been if not the hardest, the saddest. I used to teach St Thomas Aquinas and enjoyed very much his profound reverence for our bodily lives. Reconciling this reverence with the even more ancient Christian commitment to […]

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NSW dying bill has dangerous implications

Draft law offers no strong protections against coercion and will affect the Catholic culture of care By Brigid Meney The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 will...
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