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Sign the petition: Outcry over palliative care funding cuts

Liberal MLC Susan Carter is urging people to petition for the restoration of palliative care funding to the levels promised by the former Coalition government

VAD palliative care concerns

Questions raised by Catholic MLC Susan Carter have revealed concerning plans for the co-delivery of palliative care and Voluntary Assisted Dying in NSW health districts when VAD comes online on 28 November.

Conscientious objection conference for healthcare workers

Healthcare workers and students concerned about the encroachment of the law on key life issues, including so-called voluntary assisted dying (VAD) and abortion, will...

WA law: a death every 2 days

A person is dying every two days from euthanasia in Western Australia only eight months after the introduction of “voluntary assisted dying” in the...

Experts mourn ‘dangerous’ law

Experts dismayed at euthanasia laws passed by the WA Parliament on 10 December.
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