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Evert a success with students and parents

Despite recent controversy, international author and speaker Jason Evert began his time down under speaking to more than 1500 students and parents across Sydney to with positive responses from both parties.

Mothers: Called to be holy, not perfect

Motherhood is a prophetic, creative and highly influential role. Young women should not be afraid to approach it with joy, writes Carrie McCormack.

Christopher West brings JPII’s Theology of the Body to Liverpool

Over 500 eager Catholics flocked to All Saints Liverpool to hear Dr Christopher West speak on the spiritual teachings of St John Paul II.

All ears for Evert’s ‘hard chat’ on sex and gender

Renowned Speaker Jason Evert deliver the “hard chat” on gender and sexuality to 200 parenst and teenagers at a family retreat.

A Theology for everybody

What’s so great about the Theology of the Body and what’s it got to do with real life? Everything, say these five Sydney Catholics who...

‘Gamechanging’ Theology of the Body course to begin in April

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney has partnered with the Theology of the Body Institute to bring its most popular course online for Australian Catholics in April. The Head and Heart Immersion course will be taught by Dr Christopher West and his team from 17-28 April.

Large crowds welcome the Theology of the Body to Australia Partnership with Sydney to equip a generation of leaders The visit of Dr Christopher West, president of the Theology of the Body Institute, with some...

Tickets sell as TOB tour green for ‘Go’

This week is the last chance for Sydney Catholics to book their tickets for the Made for More tour with Theology of the Body...

Made for More an experience of the riches of the Catholic... Musician shares his key influences and how Theology of the Body was life-changing His first encounter with the teachings of St John Paul II known...

It’s about much more than just sex

The Theology of the Body is not about sex. Marilyn Rodrigues brought this out in her excellent article of interviews with various academics -...

Parishes set for TOB tour

The dean of St Mary’s Cathedral and parish priest of All Saint’s Liverpool want you to pop 20 or 21 January into your diary...

Teaching an ‘aha’ moment for couple

Not just some obscure academic theory:  A couple who encountered the Theology of the Body see it as informing their marriage, their family and their...
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