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Anthony Cleary: We need to free our kids from this ‘porndemic’

Although we live in an unprecedented information age, we are often blissfully unaware of matters that would ordinarily shock us. More often than not, it...

How to avoid a teen party horror story

We all know horror stories of teen parties gone wrong and organising one in your own home can feel especially daunting. But with just a few precautions in mind these are important opportunities for fun, socialisation and great memory-making.

ACT euthanasia for teens as young as 14

The ACT Government is poised to introduce draft assisted suicide laws this year with a push for teenagers as young as 14 to be allowed to access the system.

Anthony Cleary: Young men need a beautiful faith too

A few years ago, I completed doctoral studies on the appeal and impact of World Youth Day. Pilgrim responses to my research were insightful and at times surprising, none more so than when they were asked to identify their most rewarding experience. I had not anticipated that many pilgrims, especially teenage boys, would name visits to historic churches in Italy.

PARENTS: How to speak to your kids about sex and puberty

By Karen Doyle Our children are growing up in the most hyper-sexualised, pornified and confusing moment in human history. Wherever they turn they are inundated with...

New online resource helps school students navigate life

Amid skyrocketing internet addiction, sexting and cyberbullying among teens, a new online offering will aim to meet the problems head-on.

Simcha Fisher: 10 gifts to give your older children any day

They can't be unwrapped, but your kids will like these 'any time' presents As our kids get older, we find it harder and harder to...

Simcha Fisher: Teens, conflict, and discipline

I like teenagers. Good thing, too, as we currently have five teenaged kids living in our house (as well as two kids who have...

What to do when your teen is sexting

Sexting (or ‘sex texting’) has become increasingly common in the past five years. Kids don’t call it sexting though. They just call it “sending...

5 things parents should discuss before their teen goes out

If you allow your teen to attend a sleepover, party or gathering on a Saturday night, you've made a pretty big decision. They're going...

Kathleen Loughnan: The courage to give a baby life

Having a child at a young age I was a child when I had my first child, and while I didn’t stop studying, I did...

Crisis claiming our children

One of the most common things people said about Regan was that he seemed to have it all. And in some ways he did. Handsome,...
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