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Simcha Fisher: A reading list for Catholic teens and young adults

A frequent question: What books are good for Catholic teenagers and young adults looking to deepen their faith? I have some suggestions! Your Questions, God's...

My love/hate relationship with my daughter’s phone

By Corrie Sebire I was pretty proud (perhaps a little smug) that we made it almost to the end of Year 7 without giving our...

Simcha Fisher: Why isn’t there more advice about raising teenagers?

Every once in a while, people ask me why I don't write more about raising teenagers. When I was knee-deep in little kids, they...

Tips for when your teens become ‘allergic’ to you

As hard as it is to experience, it is developmentally appropriate for teens to pull away from their parents.
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Film producers besieged by requests from Aussie pro-lifers

The American production team behind the pro-life film Unplanned, say they are determined to get the film into Australia after being inundated by requests...