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Moral issues can’t take a backseat when discussing Christian unity

The Catholic Church is ‘one, holy, catholic, and apostolic’, and as the October assembly of the Synod of Synodality approaches at a time of widening fault lines in the church over same-sex relationships and canonically irregular marriages, what it means to say the church is ‘one’, is increasingly important, writes George Weigel.

More to Catholic women than deacon question, says Professor Renée Köhler-Ryan

“It is an obvious fact that most women in the church have no interest in being priests, and have no interest in being deacons. Statistically,” Prof Köhler-Ryan said.

Holiness is the measure of synod proposals, Archbishop Fisher writes in...

In a major pastoral letter following the first assembly of the Synod on Synodality, Archbishop Fisher wrote that more work is needed to ensure key themes were authentically Catholic.

Synod report muted on hot-button issues, yet signals deeper shifts

While hot-button issues like gender and sexuality received less attention than predicted, the synod's final report signaled deeper shifts

George Weigel: Important questions at Synod’s half-time

The Synod on Synodality meeting this month is the first of a two-part synodal assembly; the second session is scheduled to meet a year from now, in October 2024.

Daniel Ang: Absent faith, synodality only a buzzword

As the first assembly of the Synod on Synodality draws to a close, the polarisation over this ecclesial project remains—at least if the online commentary is anything to go by. 

Synod assembly calls on everyone to ‘concretely participate’ in synodality

The Catholic Church must continue discerning its future by listening to everyone, starting with the poorest and excluded, after the assembly of the Synod of Bishops closes its first session, participants said in a letter addressed to the "People of God."

Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, #11

Authentically Christian accompaniment has a direction and destination, namely, Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit and Christ cannot be ‘at war’ in synod proposals:...

Proposals at the synod “radically at odds” with the apostolic tradition are “not of the Holy Spirit,” Archbishop Fisher has said

Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, Special Edition 3

Holiness is that which is essentially divine, categorically unlike any quality, even the loveliest, extant in creation.

Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, #10

In this absurdly busy, confused, and grasping world theater of conflicting messages on the meaning of life, and amidst direct affronts to the dignity of life and women, God is with us.

Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, #9

In order for the Church to advance her noble mission in the world, she remains in continuous need of deeply learned, faithful, and innovative leaders, within the Church and throughout the wider culture.
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