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When Gina’s husband was on death’s door, Jesus came knocking

Growing up the child of Greek migrants, Gina never felt connected to her Orthodox faith. But when her husband fell gravely ill, she prayed silently, grasping onto a faith she only remembered from her childhood for strength. And as her husband made a miraculous full recovery, it wasn’t just his health that felt revived and reignited.

Jesus taught Quyen the lessons of love

As a young girl growing up in Vietnam, Quyen Phan hoped to become a Buddhist nun. God had other plans for her, writes Darren Ally in the fourth instalment of Disciple Diaries

Faith in the front, party in the back

Summernats ‘grand mullet’ winner Anton Medvidovic grew up in the faith, but strayed and found himself in a dark place. Fraternity and the witness of other men brought him back to God, writes Darren Ally in the latest ‘Disciple Diaries’

Canadian evangelist Eric Chow shares proven principles for renewal

Free event: Associate Director for Ministries and Outreach in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, Eric Chow, will present proven strategies for evangelisation on 18 March, from 7:30-9pm

Christopher West leads revolution of the heart

Recognised around the globe as one of the most passionate preachers of St John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Dr Christopher West was in Sydney for a five-day immersion into St John Paul II’s landmark book Love and Responsibility, co-hosted by the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation.

Christopher West brings JPII’s Theology of the Body to Liverpool

Over 500 eager Catholics flocked to All Saints Liverpool to hear Dr Christopher West speak on the spiritual teachings of St John Paul II.

New Catholics, new families, new initiatives for life in 2023

In 2023, the Life, Marriage and Family (LMF) team in the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation celebrated the dignity of life and families.

Archbishop’s ‘Go Make Disciples’ goes global

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP’s vision for the future of Sydney Parishes, Go Make Disciples, has been embraced by a parish in New Zealand.

Relationships at a crossroads, Evert says

On the eve of his arrival in Australia, Catholic author and speaker Jason Evert believes families are at a crossroads of culture and faith.

Didasko program gives lay Catholics first-rate faith formation

Mum of four Sophia Brewty got the chance to learn more about her faith from top academics thanks to the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation

All Saints Expo highlights ministry and culture

On Sunday 5 November, Fr Paul inaugurated the first All Saints Ministry and Cultural Expo, featuring over 20 ministries and cultural stalls.

New ‘SALT’ hands-on approach to sacramental formation is child’s play

Teaching children the sacraments should be 'sacramental,' giving them sensory input, play and other opportunities for hands-on learning, experts say
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