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Don’t liberalise NSW surrogacy laws, for the sake of women and...

When the former Chief Justice of the Family Court describes surrogacy as “the new frontline in the trafficking and commodification of women and newborn children,” politicians should listen—especially as they consider a bill in two weeks to liberalise NSW’s surrogacy laws, writes Monica Doumit.

Surrogacy is no solution for women in poverty

Australians are the highest per capita users of overseas surrogates. We can do better for poor women overseas than suggesting they lift themselves out of poverty by being surrogates for wealthy, Australian couples, writes Monica Doumit.

Europe makes surrogacy a human trafficking crime

Europe takes a stand against human trafficking with new laws on surrogacy. Understand the conditions under which it is considered a crime.

Ukraine bishops call for end to surrogacy

Call comes as more than 100 newborns are stranded due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

Bishop Richard Umbers: The business of making babies

Early last week, the Australian published an article (‘Kenya a new surrogacy source’, 3 June 2019) by Legal Affairs Correspondent, Nicola Berkovic, drawing attention...
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