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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Christian Leadership after St Paul

Christians rightly look for inspiration on leadership in the Bible and the lives of the saints. There we find the teaching and example of Christ and His mother, Abraham and the patriarchs, Moses and the prophets, David and the kings, Peter and the apostles, the great pastors, witnesses and teachers.

Mark Shea: Models of the Church: Paul and the Church of...

This completes Mark Shea's series, Models of the Church There is a myth about St Paul: that he was the Lone Ranger apostle.  A visionary...

Philippa Martyr: A ‘lame’ Lent, redeemed

Easter remains holy, no matter how we failed this Lent I had a rather lame Lent. I don’t know what I expected, given that I...

Prayer unlocks chains, not complaints

Reflecting on Sts Peter and Paul, Pope Francis speaks powerfully on the need to pray for those who govern.

Simcha Fisher: No more jerks for Jesus

St Paul got knocked off his horse, and then he stopped persecuting Christians. Pretty dramatic. From that day forward, he stopped being the guy...

Mark Shea: Real Prudence and Disagreement with Clergy and Bishops –...

Last time, in this space, I talked about the idea of docility to the Church’s teaching, dogmatic or not.  The basic point was simply...
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