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Pews and Altars packed for parish milestones

Two parishes in Sydney’s west were jam-packed with parishioners, priests and bishops for their golden jubilee anniversaries.

St Joseph’s the victor in primary football playoffs

The Sydney Catholic Schools' (SCS) inaugural interconference primary football playoffs came to an exhilarating close as St Joseph's Moorebank emerged victorious in both the girls' and boys' final matches.

Parish-based charity raises just under 200k for the orphaned

Doubling its donations from 2022, the Somascan Missions Dinner Dance has raised just under $200,000 for orphans in some of the world’s poorest communities. Organised...

New marriage course ‘turns on the lights’ for couples

Although Seb and Kath Dell’Orefice have been together for 15 years, civilly married for 12 years and have had five children between them, it...

Parish pulls out all stops to honour Mary

Passers-by on Moorebank’s busy Newbridge road were witness to the Catholic faith’s great devotion to Our Lady as hundreds of people took part in...

From little things great things come for Ada

Hope amidst a pandemic During the peak of the COVID lockdown in 2020, Moorebank parishioner Ada Bauso had a strong sense that people in her...

Somascan parishes enter into Easter with Passion

“If anyone has hurt us, if we think anyone owes us something, if we think anyone has done us wrong, Christ is ready to pay that debt in full,” said Somascan Religious Fr Chris de Sousa CRS to a crowded St Christopher’s parish in Holsworthy at the Veneration of the Cross on Friday 15 April.
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