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Jo Hayes: Why I despise the ‘growth mindset’ bandwagon

“Growth mindset” has been a buzzword in wellness, self-help and professional circles for years. While we should aim to grow, the Scriptures tell us we shouldn’t dare to “strive.” Growth comes from resting in God—as former TV presenter Jo Hayes discovered when she traded toil for prayer

Belief and unbelief in the Easter scriptures

The disciples didn’t believe on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and most of the following week. If you find yourself doubting, remember that because of the disciples’ doubts we have a great gift: an account of a real, solid, incarnate, resurrected Jesus, writes Philippa Martyr

Christ’s cross is the ‘why’ of the whole cosmos

The redemption wrought in Christ is not a kind of addendum to Creation. Rather, our Easter faith confesses we live in a cosmos that is purposeful because it is Christocentric, writes George Weigel.

Take care of the Holy Name, the rest will follow

It seems like such a “little thing” to revere the Holy Name of Jesus. But life is about getting the little things in order. So treat the Lord’s name carefully, writes Simcha Fisher.

How did William Kamm lead so many astray?

Those who followed the “Little Pebble” were not gullible “brainwashed” drones of popular stereotypes, but rather pious and serious Catholics who found themselves adrift in a changing church and were led into error, sin and abuse, writes Professor Bernard Doherty

Simcha Fisher: The Incarnation of Christ remains as scandalous as ever

When non-Catholics are scandalised by our God, church and sacraments, it’s a sign our faith still has spiritual power, Simcha Fisher writes

Mother Hilda Scott OSB: Prayer starts with God, not with us

So many of us have fixed notions of prayer that we can back ourselves into a totally unhelpful corner. But God draws us out of it, says Mother Hilda Scott.

‘He heals me when I pray for others,’ Anusha says of...

Anusha Jebanasam’s dream is to see an army of Catholics take up prayer as their spiritual weapon, and she is leading the charge with prayer groups on Instagram and a popular fan page on Facebook.

Sr Anastasia Reeves OP: Prayer is a worthwhile waste of our...

Just as a newly married couple loves to waste time together, simply being in each other’s company, so prayer can be a wonderful way to rest in God’s presence, writes Sr Anastasia Reeves OP

Wallowing in sorrow is a vice, pope says at audience

Sorrow that leads to loss of hope in God "must be fought resolutely and with every strength, because it comes from the evil one," the pope said.

21 days back to God book review: A spiritual refugee of...

By Wanda Skowronska PhD Journeys of the spirit are a part of the spiritual legacy of the Catholic Church, which includes the final journey of...

David’s Place poet launches new book on street spirituality

Street poet David Marsh launched his seventh book, a memoir titled Redemption at Work: My life story, at St Canice’s Church, Elizabeth Bay, on 27 May. Fr Claude Mostowik MSC launched the book, and said that all of the poet’s writings “come very much from the heart.”
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