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Monica Doumit: Evert talk urgently needed

One would think that a speaker who challenges the narrative that young women need to make themselves more sexually attractive to be worthy of love is exactly what is needed at a time when we are seeing the devastating mental health impacts of girls placing their value in the number of “likes” they receive for their selfies, writes Monica Doumit.

Screen-tied youth suffer from social media

Social media has become synonymous with the lives of young people, offering unparalleled access to social interaction and information. However, this digital connectivity comes with a significant downside: its highly addictive nature and the effects this addiction has on a person's mental health, writes Isaac Zammit

Important questions to ask about our social media pandemic

Jesus does not ask us to be on top of everything, but rather to love him with all our heart, mind and strength, and to love everyone. 

Phone, Vapes and Kids

Mobile phones are wreaking havoc with the lives of children and young people, while retailers sell toxic vapes to kids. But parents are responding...

Parents’ alliance will help to reduce teenage distress

They have sensitive antennae to who likes or dislikes them and those around them. This is a positive trait in a small community - when our senses are attuned to potential conflict or disharmony, we can act to repair any ruptures in our social fabric.

Election Controversy: Two candidates and a double standard

Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has not responded to calls for a NSW Labor Senate candidate to be disendorsed after it emerged she had described Jesus as gay and written offensive comments about Pope Francis and the Catholic Church on her Twitter account.

Dr Kevin Donnelly: The PM and Christianity

Every decision made in politics and government is informed and influenced by a particular philosophy or belief system As argued by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP,...

Simcha Fisher: Maybe you don’t have to do anything

Sometimes just nothing, or something simple, is best Some of the best advice I've gotten in my life didn't sound like advice at all, at...

Creative Pro-lifers for the Digital Era

A culture of life will only be built when we all collectively do our part

Bishop Umbers encourages Social Media for Pro-Lifers

Sydney Bishop Richard Umbers has urged pro-life Catholics to use social media to voice their opposition to the injustice of abortion

Simcha Fisher: So you feel like a prophet

We have to speak up against evil, don't we? Recently at Mass, we heard the opening words of the first reading, "You duped me, o...

Belling the cat of Big Porn

We don’t allow big tobacco or major breweries to promote their wares to our children ... The last tab that opened in my browser was...
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