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Recreate the shroud and win $1 million

An easy $1 million is up for grabs for anyone who can recreate a photographic negative of a crucified man on a 14 by 3 foot piece of linen. The catch? It has to be done using medieval materials.

New book: riddles of the Shroud, questions science can’t answer

A mystery that refuses to go away. Evidence for Shroud’s authenticity continues to mount For 124 years science has been trying to unravel the riddles...

‘Shroud is 2000 years old’

New technology enables a closer look at Turin Shroud A study based on new technology for the dating of artefacts has placed the fabric of...

Q&A with Fr Flader: The Sudarium of Jesus

Dear Father, I understand it is claimed that the cloth which was wrapped around Jesus’ head after he died is now in the cathedral...

Precious shroud to be displayed online

Archbishop of Turin announces an online exposition of what many believe is Jesus' burial cloth.

Could the Veil of Manoppello be the face of Jesus?

Could the Veil of Manoppello be the face of Jesus?
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