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Sherry Weddell speaks on the Spirit in Sydney

At baptism every Christian is given their own charisms by God to help them live out their mission in the world, but most Catholics don’t know what a charism is, much less how to discern what theirs is and use it, says Sherry Weddell. The author, co-founder and executive director of the US-based Catherine of Siena Institute is dedicated to helping people explore the power of the Holy Spirit working in their lives and renewing the church for mission.

Dr Paul Morrissey: A neglected but essential element of Christian life

Supernatural gifts known as charisms are given to all the baptised for the common good and for the church.

Discern your gifts to bring your faith and parish alive

Jacky Krsnik never thought of herself as having leadership potential until she was invited to reflect upon the spiritual gifts given to her at her baptism. Now in her 40s, the parishioner of St Declan’s at Penshurst said it was only through her parish that she has been given the space to recognise and cultivate her spiritual gifts, also called charisms, which bring her fulfilment while also contributing to the church’s mission.

What are charisms? Do I have any? And how do I...

World-renowned evangelist Sherry Weddell will appear at two exclusive events dedicated to helping people explore the power of the Holy Spirit working in our lives and renewing the church for mission

Talks will bear fruit, new life, urges priest

When people discover their vocation and gifts, parishes and the wider church are renewed and revitalised: Sydney priest Fr John Armstrong says that Catholic evangelist and author Sherry Weddell will encourage people to identity where God is working in their life and the life of their parish communities, when she visits next month.

Sherry Weddell to explore the power of the Holy Spirit in...

World-renowned evangelist Sherry Weddell, author of best-seller Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus, is returning to Sydney in May.
The Archdiocese of Sydney’s Parish 2020 Director Daniel Ang with Sherry Weddell. Photo: Helen Wagner

Friendship key to evangelising

Sherry Weddell has fired up 1000 parishes worldwide and now has great news for Sydney.
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