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The cost of chucking out God

The Sexual Revolution of the 60s was, in its essence, a revolution against the reality of who we are In the space of a generation,...

Kevin Donnelly: Parents under attack

A recent research paper titled Parents’ perspectives on the inclusion of gender and sexuality diversity in K-12 schooling: results from an Australian national study...

Gay Catholics not wanted in the Church? Look again

Extraordinary response of some bishops to CDF ruling Many German bishops, priests and theologians are not happy with Rome. They are opposed to a recent...

The Holy Family, going radical and … Paella!

However, there is another aspect to the family that has a potentially powerful political effect: The family is the nucleus of our society.

Ignatius Principal’s remarks on sexuality are negligent

“What seems to me white, I will believe black if the hierarchical Church so defines.” This quotation from St Ignatius powerfully shaped my journey...
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