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Don’t tar all Baby Boomers with the same jaundiced brush

Younger Catholics can often be sceptical of the Baby Boomer generation, but shouldn’t tar all their seniors with the same brush, writes Philippa Martyr.

The Beauty of Priesthood: Embracing God’s Calling

It’s been a few decades since I was ordained, and it’s sometimes hard work, but summoning the whole of creation to prayer every morning never gets old. I don’t know why other priests don’t love their jobs as much as I do, asks Philippa Martyr.

Role of women in church further explored

Pope Francis invited women to participate in the Council of Cardinals to reflect on the role of women in the Church including the diaconate and lay ministry.

The origins of Vatican II’s reform of the Mass

It was a time of controversy, reform and backlash, liturgy wars, calls for more vernacular language at Mass and in the Scriptures, and anxiety that the faith would be polluted by dangerous “isms.”

George Weigel: The most important event since the Second Vatican Council?

Those most enthusiastic about the Synod on Synodality that opens on 4 October are wont to say that it’s the most important Catholic event since the Second Vatican Council

George Weigel: Save the Synod from its working document!

The first words of the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on the Church—one of the council’s two most important texts—signaled a decisive development in Catholic self-understanding.

Weigel: The new ultramontanism and the dissing of Vatican II

Why are apologists for the new ultramontanism not more critical of the bludgeoning of a small number of liturgical traditionalists?

George Weigel: I rise in defence of the Council

Mr Adam Lucas, who is “newly married with a baby on the way” and “has a Master’s in Theology,” speaks for a depressing number...

Cardinal delivers Cardijn Lecture to Aussies

The church’s current social teaching is profoundly rooted in the Second Vatican Council and oriented to the urgent needs of today said Cardinal Michael...

From the Doctor’s surgery to the Diaconate

By Deacon Louis Azzopardi You are probably all familiar with the story of the diaconate in the early church and how it eventually became part...

Plenary 2020: the creeping clericalisation of the laity

The commitment of lay persons is politicised when the laity is absorbed by the exercise of power within the Church.  That happens when the Church is not seen in terms of the mystery of grace that characterises her, but rather in sociological or even political terms.

Fr John Flader: Conditions for sensus fidei

The Second Vatican Council spoke of the sensus fidei in its Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen gentium. As we know, it was the...
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