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Review: Scott Morrison’s spiritual and political memoir is a mixed blessing

Scott Morrison’s new book, Plans for your Good, is easy to criticise for the same reasons as its author. What the former PM holds out as his genuine source of strength, his Evangelical faith, is for others the hallmark of his inauthenticity. But for world-weary Catholics, the book’s intensity and enthusiasm have something to teach.

Former PM Scott Morrison praises Maronites for their faith at 14Give...

Former prime minister Scott Morrison has praised Sydney’s Maronite Catholic community for its “inseparable” faith and culture, at a gala dinner for the 14Give Foundation held the day after thousands welcomed relics of St Charbel to the Punchbowl parish of the same name.

Monica Doumit: Oatlands memorial shows new life blossoms forth from tragedy

Seeing little Selina Abdallah playing at the launch of a memorial to her family's tragedy was a sign that grace can bring light out of darkness, writes Monica Doumit

Prime Minister a ‘hollow man’ claim authors of ‘Deconstructing ScoMo’

Deconstructing ScoMo, a new book from two prominent conservative writers, says the PM has an 'inherently authoritarian' streak

Factory of faith

When politics discovers faith Religious freedom may be dead for now, after the Morrison Government failed to get its proposed bill through Parliament, but the...

Has our PM let down people of faith?

As the Coalition prepares to fight for a fourth term, it’s clear some in its own ranks have forgotten who their genuine opposition is in the parliament

The Five and the Furious

Five rogue Liberal MPs have “blindsided” Prime Minister Scott Morrison by voting with Labor on the Religious Discrimination Bill, resulting in the bill being pulled and likely killed altogether prior to the federal election.

Peter Rosengren: Something good that a nation could do

We must try to keep our promises to our Afghan friends Australia is, by any measure, a ridiculous proposition among the nations of the world...

Peter Rosengren: When politics becomes indifferent to people

Something is rotten at the heart of our national political life Australian national life is dominated by a problem which is serious and can generally...

Dr Kevin Donnelly: The PM and Christianity

Every decision made in politics and government is informed and influenced by a particular philosophy or belief system As argued by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP,...

Monica Doumit: A defence of faith in the public square

Feel free to defend the right of Christians to offer their points of view, even to hold public office Section 116 of the Australian Constitution...

Calm, courageous and faith-filled: John Fahey farewelled

Former NSW Premier was a gifted politician and family man with a deep faith, mourners heard today.
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