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Adding STEM workshops to the holiday list

Children of all ages are invited to get hands-on with STEM these school holidays, with a range of interactive workshops available at the Australian...

New book: riddles of the Shroud, questions science can’t answer

A mystery that refuses to go away. Evidence for Shroud’s authenticity continues to mount For 124 years science has been trying to unravel the riddles...

Order of faith, Order of science

Hundreds of notable scientists have been Catholic - lay, religious and priests, according to lists compiled on Wikipedia.

Prudence a virtue in science: astronomer

Those who are stubbornly skeptical of science and those who eagerly embrace science as infallible both have a dangerous misunderstanding of the nature of science, a US Jesuit astronomer said.

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George Weigel: It’s been a good year

Let's celebrate some of our great people and events There is no need to belabour the awfulness of the year of lockdowns, shutdowns, and other...

NSW Scientist of the Year credits faith for her success

The 2019 NSW Scientist of the Year Professor Rose Amal says that it is her Catholic faith which has guided her research career developing...

Embracing all “Girl Geeks”

For your chance to WIN 1 of 10 copies of Girl Geeks by Alex Miles send your name, email and postal address to [email protected]...

Saving the whole stinkin’ planet

For your chance to win 1 of 10 copies of How To Save the Whole Stinkin’ Planet by Lee Constable send your name, email...

Science should serve humanity, says Pope

Scientists worldwide must serve humanity and the health of the planet, Pope Francis said.
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