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I’m happy for the ‘sanctity of life’ principle. But I long...

Is it not schizophrenic to impose the “sanctity of life” in the case of a young woman who doesn’t want to die but who will accept death as a result of her decision, but to not do the same for another young cancer sufferer who wants to opt for lethal drugs?

Go away and die: message received by Stephanie Packer

When Californian mother of four Stephanie Packer was admitted to an intensive care unit in June, and put on a ventilator, her children were...

Kevin Connolly: I stand for life, no matter the cost

I knew from the start that politics is a numbers game and the numbers were unlikely to align with me. Nevertheless I came to the realisation that standing up for life was so fundamentally important to a decent, civilised society that it would be worth doing even if victory was not achieved.

Free cards send pro-life message

Business-sized cards with pro-life designs are appearing all over Melbourne city.
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