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Ideology and blasphemy meet in Russia

A recent document from the Russian Orthodox Church under Patriarch Kirill attempts to spiritualise and sanctify the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Holy See would do well to rally Christian leaders to condemn the notion that Russia is waging a “holy war” and has a special mission from God in the 21st century, writes George Weigel.

Pope’s remarks on Russian empire stir outrage

Russian clergy and lay Catholics were “caught by surprise” by the pope’s remarks in a video call on 25 August to a youth gathering...

Ukrainian Catholics in Australia change from Julian to Gregorian calendar

Bishop Mykola Bychok, the eparch for Ukrainian Catholics in Australia, announced the change to the Gregorian calendar on 22 March

After a year of war, Ukraine draws strength from the world’s...

On the first anniversary of Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church spoke about gratitude and powerlessness in the...

George Weigel: On the folly of ignoring dictators

Earlier this year, I had the honour and pleasure of being introduced to Hatfield House, ancestral home of the Marquesses of Salisbury, by the...

George Weigel: The very bloody Russian way

CRACOW - Four and a half months after Russia invaded Ukraine on the Orwellian pretext of displacing a “Nazi” regime — a regime that enjoys a democratic legitimacy absent from Russia for two decades — what have we learned about, and from, the Russian way of war? We have learned that the Russian way of war is inept strategically, tactically and logistically: an army using inferior equipment, bereft of competent non-commissioned officers, and replete with ill-trained draftees; an army that relies on brute force to bludgeon its way toward its objectives.

George Weigel: An indefensible and vile heresy

For years, the two leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church with whom Pope Francis met by videoconference on 16 March — Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus’, and Metropolitan Hilarion, the Church’s chief ecumenical officer — have worked to buttress Vladimir Putin’s efforts to reconstitute a simulacrum of the Soviet Union in the name […]

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Entrusting the world to Mary’s intercession, Pope Francis consecrates Ukraine, Russia As Russia's violent month-long invasion continued to devastate Ukraine, Pope Francis laid the fates of both countries at the feet of Mary in the...

Papal consecration of Russia, Ukraine has history of controversy behind it

While bishops in Ukraine and Russia were grateful Pope Francis would consecrate their nations to Mary, other Catholics eagerly awaited the text of the...

Russian Catholics welcome Papal consecration of Russia and Ukraine

Russian Catholics welcome the announcement of the Holy Father that Russia and Ukraine will be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart

Pope Francis will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary during a penitential prayer service in St Peter's Basilica on 25 March, the...

Pope Francis on Ukraine: ‘Stop this massacre’

Appealing again for an end to the war in Ukraine, Pope Francis said those who invoke God to promote or justify violence "profane his...
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