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Review: The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)

The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) remains a haunting recollection of the French saint’s trial and death that needs no words to deliver an emotionally intense drama and one of the greatest ever lead performances.

Docuseries gives novel insights into Exodus

Testament is an insightful docudrama that uses the dramatisation of the story of Moses to make profound observations on the Exodus and its broad religious significance.

Dune: Part Two is enriched by awe-inspiring aesthetics but lacks true...

Villeneuve’s second instalment in the Dune series is an epic experience enriched by amazing aesthetics but lacks heart as it leans towards an unredeemable resolution.

Prison Journal, Volume 2 Book Review: Televangelists, Christ’s Passion and solitary...

Prison Journal, Volume 2 – The State Court Rejects the Appeal, George Cardinal Pell, San Francisco: Ignatius Press in conjunction with Freedom Publishing, 319...

One reason the ALP lost the election: Christophobia

As to why the Labor Party lost the unlosable May election and why Scott Morrison is still Prime Minister and not Bill Shorten the...

Netflix’s The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Review

With the growing number of streaming services churning out movies every month, memorable productions of high quality and heart are rare to find. In addition,...

Dark but engrossing gritty superhero series

With a string of disappointing films that have been criticised for being too tone-focused while lacking story and refined visual effects, it’s no secret...
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