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Is heaven on earth?

I recently read an article which said that heaven, where souls go to enjoy God forever after their death and purification, will be on earth when Christ comes again to inaugurate the new heaven and new earth. I thought heaven was in heaven. What are we to believe?

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP’s Easter Sunday Homily: Holy Stone

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP's Homily for Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord at St Mary's Basilica, Sydney, on 31 March 2024.

Belief and unbelief in the Easter scriptures

The disciples didn’t believe on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and most of the following week. If you find yourself doubting, remember that because of the disciples’ doubts we have a great gift: an account of a real, solid, incarnate, resurrected Jesus, writes Philippa Martyr

Resurrecting Marriage

Several years ago, we were invited onto a TV breakfast show to talk about marriage. We are all familiar with the format; people interviewed on couches with a polite live studio audience. It’s light and airy entertainment; sort of fairy floss for the mind.

New evidence supporting Shroud of Turin is too strong to ignore,...

Although the Shroud of Turin once seemed to be discredited by carbon dating in the 1980s, new research has cast doubt on the carbon dating and produced dramatic evidence that the Shroud confirms the resurrection of Jesus. I spent five years researching my recently-published book Riddles of the Shroud: Questions Science Can’t Answer, and the evidence suggests the Shroud covered Jesus at the point of resurrection.

Easter calls us to lay aside factionalism, hostility: Archbishop Anthony Fisher...

A Statement from the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP In many ways contemporary societies are deeply divided. Our politics are often polarised...

Patrick O’Shea: Hot cross bun heretics must wait until the resurrection

There’s no denying the delight of biting into your first hot cross bun of the year. Yet there’s the debate of when to start eating them. Is it as soon as the shops start selling them? Is it Ash Wednesday? Is it Good Friday? Is it Easter Sunday?

Melto D’Moronoyo: Women as Messengers of the Resurrection.

Presently, in the Maronite Church we are celebrating the season of the Resurrection. This is a wonderful time to reflect on the role and...

Dying to live: the evidence for life after death

Human beings ask questions of ultimate significance such as why do they exist. We see this, for example. in young children where they intuitively...

Mark Shea: The fulfilment of Israel’s faith

It is easy to grab the wrong end of the telescope and see Christmas in a way that makes it all seem like something at the beginning of a story that happened long ago, all leading up to us.

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Mark Shea: The implications are cosmic

As we saw, the Christians at Corinth somehow seemed to have accepted the idea that Jesus was raised from the dead but found it incredible to believe we could be likewise raised in a glorified body.

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Mark Shea: God became flesh – get it?

Previously, we looked first at the fact that the focus of the gospel is on the resurrection of the body, not mere ghostly life after death.

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