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RE Search Episode 42: The Greatest Commandment. Exploring what it means...

The Greatest Commandment. Discussing the relationship between the Shema in the book of Deuteronomy and the Greatest Commandment in Matthew’s Gospel, and exploring what...

Episode 16: Good works and the St Vincent de Paul Society...

Serving the vulnerable and marginalised. With Vinnies Vans NSW Manager, Josie Charbel.

Episode 15: The Calling of the Disciples

Their wholehearted response to Jesus’ call in Mark’s Gospel (1:16-20). With Bishop Daniel Meagher.

Episode 11: Sacraments: Holy Orders (Part 1)

Explaining the seven Sacraments and Holy Orders. With Bishop Daniel Meagher

Episode 10: How can the Church be Enduring and Ever-changing?

The Church: Tradition, Challenge and Change, with Bishop Daniel Meagher.

Episode 9: Jesus The True Vine

The metaphor of the vine and 'remaining' in God's love in the passage from John's Gospel (John: 15:1-17). With Bishop Daniel Meagher.

Archbishop laments missed chance for Australia on vaccine

Embracing an ethically untroubling alternative would also have maximised the chances of all Australians electing to receive it, Archbishop Fisher pointed out

Bringing the past to life

What started out as a history lesson has resulted in a group of Year 10 students restoring the dignity and memory of some of...

Major stem cell grant

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney has launched a $100,000 grant to support medical research using adult stem cells that do not require the destruction...

ACU report warns of mental health care crisis

Study finds staff shortages contributing to mental health nurses crisis A new report by Australian Catholic University has found that mental health nurses are suffering...
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