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ACT moves to curb faiths

A bill in the ACT’s Legislative Assembly aims to slice away at inherent human freedoms in the guise of preventing discrimination. In 2018, changes to...

Monica Doumit: The plan to crush freedom of faith in the...

You may have read recently that San Francisco’s Archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone has prohibited the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, from...

After Election 2022: where to from here for Christians?

Now the election has been held and Scott Morrison and the Liberal/Nationals have been replaced by Anthony Albanese and the LGT alliance (the Labor,...

Hostage to the woke brigade

According to the NSW Electoral Commission, the electorate of Sydney had the fewest number of votes cast in the most recent state election.

We don’t serve Catholics!

Imagine you are planning a wedding at St Mary’s Cathedral because, let’s face it, it’s the most beautiful church in the country.

Work in wokeness

The Perrottet Government needs to “grow a backbone” and follow through on NSW religious discrimination laws now that the Federal bill has failed ...

Monica Doumit: We follow Problem Jesus, not opinion polls

In order to keep abreast of everything I need to know in the news, I subscribe to a news clipping service for articles and...

Religious freedom: we are all brothers

Religious communities in Australia face many challenges. Persecution, thankfully, is not one of them. At the end of January, the international Christian NGO Open Doors...

Religious freedom benefits all of us

For several years, I volunteered with the Capuchin Franciscan Friars’ coffee van ministry each Friday and Saturday night. A small group of ...

Catholics share in regret

Maronite Bishop Antoine Tarabay has told the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, that Catholics “share your disappointment” over the shelved Religious Discrimination Bill during a service in Adelaide for the Feast of St Maroun.

Has our PM let down people of faith?

As the Coalition prepares to fight for a fourth term, it’s clear some in its own ranks have forgotten who their genuine opposition is in the parliament

Freedom divide deepens

A second week of public hearings on the Morrison Government’s Religious Freedom Bill has seen Church representatives face increasingly sharp questions about Catholic schools’ treatment of LGBT teachers and students.
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