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NSW’s “Equality” bill ignores needs of the bush, says MP

Independent MP Helen Dalton says that Alex Greenwich’s "Equality" bill is ill-considered and for regional NSW, where services have already fallen behind, catching up on the basics must come first.

Overwhelming majority of NSW rejects “equality” bill

Despite overwhelming public opposition to it, debate on Alex Greenwich’s so-called equality bill could begin any day now, so it is important your local MP hears your opposition to this dangerous bill, writes Monica Doumit.

Archbishop warns to never take religious freedom for granted

Archbishop Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP has used the first anniversary of the ACT Government’s hostile takeover of Calvary Hospital to warn Catholic faithful that religious freedom cannot be something taken for granted.

Monica Doumit: Evert talk urgently needed

One would think that a speaker who challenges the narrative that young women need to make themselves more sexually attractive to be worthy of love is exactly what is needed at a time when we are seeing the devastating mental health impacts of girls placing their value in the number of “likes” they receive for their selfies, writes Monica Doumit.

Former PM John Howard stands up for religious freedom

EXCLUSIVE: Former Prime Minister John Howard has strongly defended the right of faith-based schools to hire staff who are aligned with the same beliefs and values, saying he thinks most Australians would agree that it is only “common sense."

It’s Groundhog Day, again

So-called equality advocates are up to their old tricks, once again encouraging anti-discrimination complaints as a way of retaliating against Archbishop Julian Porteous for distributing a pastoral letter that outlines Catholic teaching to kids in Catholic schools, writes Monica Doumit.

Archbishop Porteous faces strife over new pastoral letter

LGBT advocate group Equality Tasmania is seeking a “right of reply” to the state’s Catholic schools in response to an open letter from Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous on human dignity and legislative challenges to religious and parental freedoms.

Prayers rise for Assyrian bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel after Wakeley knife...

Mar Emmanuel has received support from across the broader Christian community, including from Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, who sent flowers and expressed his solidarity and prayerful support with clergy of all religions.

Premier, PM call for unity after declaring Mar Emmanuel stabbing a...

NSW Premier Chris Minns has confirmed the stabbing of an Assyrian Orthodox clergyman in Wakeley last night was a “terrorist act,” after convening a council of religious and community leaders overnight to call for calm.

Faith leaders urge PM: Don’t deal with Greens on religious schools

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP and Melbourne Archbishop Peter Comensoli are among dozens of religious leaders warning Prime Minister Anthony Albanese not to turn to the Australian Greens to help enact religious discrimination reforms that will affect faith-based schools.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Commission’s report ignores faith’s contribution to society

The recommendations of the ALRC give no weight to the benefit that Catholic and other faith-based schooling has been to millions of Australian families for more than 200 years, writes Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

Conversion therapy ban passes NSW parliament after marathon overnight debate

The New South Wales government has been accused of ramming its conversion practices ban through parliament during a marathon overnight debate.
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