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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Dr Kevin Donnelly: One front in a much larger battle

The hysteria, exaggeration and untruths pushed by secular activists opposing the commonwealth government’s religious freedom bill (recently put before parliament but now deferred) cannot go unchallenged. Listen to or read those arguing against the bill and you would think those supporting the legislation are insensitive, vindictive and cruel.

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The Five and the Furious

Five rogue Liberal MPs have “blindsided” Prime Minister Scott Morrison by voting with Labor on the Religious Discrimination Bill, resulting in the bill being pulled and likely killed altogether prior to the federal election.

Discrimination Bill may unintentionally harm Christians, says Katter

A growing chorus of conservative dissatisfaction with the federal government’s Religious Discrimination Bill has gained another voice in Independent MP Bob Katter, who is...

Monica Doumit: Protecting the next Folau

With federal parliament resuming on Monday, attention will no doubt turn to the government’s Religious Discrimination Bill and the move to provide some small...

Monica Doumit: Freedom bill way too foggy

It’s been almost two years to the day since then- Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised that there would be religious freedom protections contained in...

Faith law doesn’t go far enough

The federal government’s proposed religious discrimination laws have been met with a distinct lack of enthusiasm by religious leaders and law experts. The draft bill,...
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