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Religious Discrimination Bill goes down in flames

The Federal Government's Religious Discrimination Bill is now unlikely to be voted upon before the next election after 11th-hour amendments.

From the aggressive to the bizarre: MPs grill prelate over Religious...

The Federal Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill would not introduce a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy around divorce, sexual orientation or other attributes, representatives from...

Editorial: Don’t mention the war is no longer an option

The Morrison Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill is currently before two parliamentary inquiries, meaning stakeholders religious and otherwise have had to put their cards on the table. Some surprising positions have been revealed.

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Jacinta Collins: Law the missing link in Australia’s civil rights

The principle that Australia is a pluralist society – one that allows all Australians to ‘live and let live’ – has taken a bit of a battering this week with the introduction of the Religious Discrimination Bill in Parliament.

Does Christianity have a future under Labor?

Labor is intensifying its attempts to court Christian votes in the lead-up to the 2022 Federal election, with Senator Kristina Keneally appearing at an...
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