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Melto D’Moronoyo: Can religion survive amid rising secularisation?

By Sr Margaret Ghosn mshf Joseph Vives writes, ‘God is missing, but not missed.’ It hits at the heart of the matter that we are experiencing...

Election Controversy: Two candidates and a double standard

Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has not responded to calls for a NSW Labor Senate candidate to be disendorsed after it emerged she had described Jesus as gay and written offensive comments about Pope Francis and the Catholic Church on her Twitter account.

Philippa Martyr: The future of our faith depends on us

Every year I’ve completed an anonymous national survey on diversity in my main workplace, in which I am asked to name which aspects of my identity cause the most problems.

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Together we can beat the merchants of evil

Killings, shootings and massacres motivated by religion and which horrify the world must not be allowed to destroy the increasing ties of friendship and...

Easter: the search for meaning

What does Easter mean for you?  For many, in an increasingly materialistic and pleasure driven society it’s all about hot cross buns, chocolate Easter...
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