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Anthony Cleary: The right question can put us on a good...

As a young boy growing up, I was fascinated by the epic religious films of the 1950s and 1960s. They were iconic—grand in scale and long in screentime. They deepened my interest in the life of Jesus and sparked a love of history. In a very real way, these classic films laid the early foundations of my vocation as a teacher of religion and history.

Palm Sunday: Behold the man

One of the fundamental questions at the heart of contemporary Western culture concerns what it means to be a man. Do men have a place in our culture anymore? How should men act? How can he love and protect those entrusted to his care? How can he air his concerns without them being immediately smacked down because they are different?

Palm Sunday: Remaining steadfast in the way of the Cross

Palm Sunday presents for us a time of conflicting sentiments. Both a time for rejoicing in anticipation of Christ’s resurrection and of anxious anticipation awaiting the passion.

Palm Sunday: Following our humble Lord

God who reigns over all of creation accepts to be one of us, suffering unimaginable pain and distress, and is executed and buried in the depths of the earth. In doing so, the Father reveals who God is to us and opens to us the way to rise with his Son into glory and share in God’s very life and happiness.

Fr Josh Miechels: Closer to Christ in life, closer to Christ...

Today the Lord gives a few important life tips. The first thing he says is that you’re all gonna die. That’s what happens to...
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