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Reconciliation is an ongoing journey, says Bishop Charles Gauchi

Bishop Charles Gauci has called on the church to play its part in promoting healing and action on Indigenous disadvantage as National Reconciliation Week begins.

Catholics recommit to practical reconciliation after Voice referendum defeat

Following the defeat of the Voice to Parliament at the 14 October referendum, Australians must “avoid the temptations of both triumphalism and defeatism” and recommit to coming together in genuine charity, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has said.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Recognition, Reconciliation and Respect

Sixty years ago next month, the Yolngu people of northeast Arnhem Land sent two bark petitions—framed by traditional ochre paintings—to the Federal Parliament, protesting the grant of mining rights in Arnhem Land and seeking Parliament’s recognition of their title and traditional rights.

Archdiocese of Sydney launches Reconciliation Action Plan

The Archdiocese of Sydney launched its "reflect" Reconciliation Action Plan on 31 May alongside a new commissioned artwork

Dr Miriam Rose to meet Pope Francis during Reconciliation Week

Aboriginal elder Dr Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann has taken her message of reconciliation to Pope Francis and other senior figures at the Vatican, but says her community doesn’t know enough about the upcoming referendum to comment on the First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Philippa Martyr: Repentance is where true joy can begin

  I promised you some joy this week. But bear with me - it’s all connected with why Catholics need to be different, and why...

Simcha Fisher: Those people who leave the Church over little things

People leave the Church for all kinds of reasons. Usually it's more than one reason; but sometimes people will be able to point to...
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