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Philippa Martyr: Priests’ perceptions an issue

One of the reasons I love doing research is that you find things out, and you can measure them. Sometimes you find things out...

Priests on Film

Hollywood is fascinated by these inspiring men and the unique nature of their lives and ministry Despite the scandals of the last 25 years, popular...

Dr Philippa Martyr: Live your Baptismal priesthood

Did you know that you are a priest? No, seriously – a real priest? Priests are people who can offer sacrifices to God. They form...

Philippa Martyr: The bishops’ Praetorian Guards

Imagine an Australian diocese in which Fr Youngtrad, a recently ordained priest, phones his bishop - and the bishop answers his own phone. Fr Youngtrad...

Vocations to MGLs flourish

Three young men made life-long vows to religious life as Missionaries of God’s Love this month, as the home-grown congregation continues to flourish.

Philippa Martyr: We’ve got the data; now we need to use...

I was chatting with a US-based friend about a recent Church sex scandal there. A priest ordained in 2017 catfished* two teenage boys whose families loved and trusted him. But he was also using the gay dating app Grindr to find teenage males for paid sex.

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Vocations champion Fr Danny Meagher named new Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney

A priest well known for his success in nurturing vocations to the priesthood as a seminary rector has been named by Pope Francis as a new Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Philippa Martyr: Insights from the maths of the Church

I was hoping that the recent Plenary Council sessions would grapple with some hard statistical facts about the Church in Australia. This is becoming...

Philippa Martyr: Repentance is where true joy can begin

  I promised you some joy this week. But bear with me - it’s all connected with why Catholics need to be different, and why...

Grace overflowing as three new priests ordained for Broken Bay

A dry spell for priestly vocations in the diocese was emphatically broken with the first multiple ordinations in its history.

Plenary voices: Fr Michael de Stoop

In the voices of the Plenary members, I hear the continued growth in our awareness of how terrible was the violent and insensitive crimes...

Conversion, partnerships will drive mission in the new evangelisation, says expert

It’s a time for priests and parishioners to partner in a new evangelisation, Wagga priests were told as they gathered on 20 July.
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