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Eight new seminarians entrusted to Don Bosco’s intercession

Sydney seminary is now home to 46 seminarians, from nine Latin Rite dioceses and three Eastern Rite eparchies.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: The Vineyard’s humble workers

This is the edited text of the homily given by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP for the Mass of the Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A.

Pastoral young clergy show you can’t judge a priest by his...

A couple of months ago, I needed to drop a package to one of our young priests. The item had been delivered to the chancery in error, and I had offered to take it to him on my way to work in the morning because the parish was only a short detour on my journey to the office.

Fr John Iacono: A spiritual father from Sydney to Cebu

Fr John Iacono has helped to change countless lives for the better in Sydney and the Philippines and now in his 80s the quiet...

Mother’s gift of a kidney clears the way for deacon’s ordination

Following successful kidney transplant surgery in India, Deacon Vinco Muriyadan of the Hobart Archdiocese is recovering well and has expressed his gratitude to God and to all those who prayed for him.

Philippa Martyr: The stats tell the story on priestly ordinations

Did you know that we’ve ordained nearly 1500 priests in Australia in the last 50 years? I didn’t know this until I got an email from Jamie Wright, a journalist at The Australian.

Q and A with Fr Flader: Is it OK to pray...

Dear Father, Some people in my parish pray the Our Father in Mass with their arms outstretched, like the priest, and I find this strange. Is it permitted? And how about holding hands with the persons on either side while saying the Our Father?

Q and A with Fr Flader: Will priestly celibacy become optional?

Dear Father, I read recently that Pope Francis has said that the church could consider having married priests. Is this true, and is he likely to abandon the requirement of celibacy for priests in the Catholic Church?

Fr Michael de Stoop: Biggest Bumper Crop in the Lord’s Harvest

This year, the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Homebush, which was established in 1996, has received its largest intake of new seminarians throughout...

Super Seventeen enter Sydney Seminary

Sydney’s Seminary of the Good Shepherd is becoming a powerhouse for the Church in Australia. Seventeen men entered this year, the largest number in the...

Philippa Martyr: Priests of celebrity vs those of humility

Sometimes when we’re at Mass on a Sunday with a lacklustre celebrant, it’s tempting to start thinking about how great it would be to...

Monica Doumit: New priests a gift from the Lord

  If I am being honest, the saddest thing for me about the Plenary Council was the way it appeared in parts to be apologetic...
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