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Philippa Martyr: Putting others in front is how you leave your...

Here we are at Palm Sunday for our last and deadliest sin: pride. If you’ve ever tried spiritual direction, you usually start by asking yourself, “What is my root sin, the sin that seems to be lurking behind all my other ones?”

George Weigel: What Naaman can teach the Germans

To vary Oscar Wilde, the church’s liturgical life often imitates art by being strikingly appropriate to a particular moment. That was certainly true on Monday of the third week of Lent, 2023—a day when the Scriptures of the Eucharistic liturgy invite us to ponder the greatest of the capital sins, pride ...

Monica Doumit: Humility is pride’s antidote

I have to say that I have been quite conflicted over the last couple of weeks about how to respond to the 17-day “celebration”...

10 takes on a Rugby fiasco

The problems which created the Sea Eagles crisis are fairly obvious and reveal how mixed up the League’s priorities are Here’s my list of ten...

Mark Shea: Vice signalling

Last time in this space, we discussed Virtue Signalling, the rather common human tendency to do good things for selfish reasons. We discussed the...
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