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Prayer shouldn’t be our best-kept secret

One of my former students converted to Islam because he found that the regularity of Muslim prayer gave him inner peace and a sense of purpose. Far too many ex-Catholics abandon the faith without ever having encountered the depths of our own prayer tradition, writes Anthony Cleary

Sr Lalamea’s new life with her Divine Master

When 34-year-old Sr Maria Lalamea Vaohea first joined religious life, she never thought she would leave Tonga. Now she’s the latest in a growing number of religious from former “missionary outposts” bolstering orders in the West, writes Marilyn Rodrigues

Archbishop Fisher tells student leaders to beware of ideological camps

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP invited Year 12 leaders across Sydney Catholic Schools to discuss their most burning questions on faith, the church and leadership.

Mother Hilda Scott OSB: Prayer starts with God, not with us

So many of us have fixed notions of prayer that we can back ourselves into a totally unhelpful corner. But God draws us out of it, says Mother Hilda Scott.

‘He heals me when I pray for others,’ Anusha says of...

Anusha Jebanasam’s dream is to see an army of Catholics take up prayer as their spiritual weapon, and she is leading the charge with prayer groups on Instagram and a popular fan page on Facebook.

Marian devotions on the rise in Sydney

Sydney may be known as Australia’s “sin city” but it is also a place where Our Lady is being increasingly known and loved, and where Catholics are unafraid to witness to our faith in public

Sr Anastasia Reeves OP: Prayer is a worthwhile waste of our...

Just as a newly married couple loves to waste time together, simply being in each other’s company, so prayer can be a wonderful way to rest in God’s presence, writes Sr Anastasia Reeves OP

Important questions to ask about our social media pandemic

Jesus does not ask us to be on top of everything, but rather to love him with all our heart, mind and strength, and to love everyone. 

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Lamentation and Hope

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP gave a reflection at an Occasion of Common Lamentation and Prayer for Peace at St Mary’s Cathedral, 6 December.

Faiths unite for peace in the Holy Land

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has called on people of all faiths to unite in a shared commitment to promoting peace.

Philippa Martyr: Five easy ways to make the most of Advent

Advent is an excellent time to start your new year’s resolutions for 2024. You can use it as a dress rehearsal for Lent.

Prayers rise for peace in Holy Land as conflict worsens

Sydney’s Catholics answered Pope Francis’s call for a special day of fasting and prayer for peace on 27 October as death and destruction continued to rage in the Holy Land.
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