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Philippa Martyr: How could you measure schools’ impact on faith?

Catholic schools in Australia have been flourishing for decades. Since state aid put the system on an equal footing with non-Catholic schools, they’ve never looked back.

Philippa Martyr: School, the parish and the faith

Is it time to start thinking along different lines about how we organise ourselves out there in the world? I recently said that boutique parishes...

Monica Doumit: So much for choice and diversity

Before the election Labor was more ‘friendly’ to religious faiths - it said. But that was before the election ... They have been less than...

Philippa Martyr: Those to whom we should be talking

It’s May 2021, which means … here comes the 2021 National Count of Attendance! I am the sort of person who gets excited about this,...

The right tools for the faith

Constructing practical tools for Catholicism In the construction industry, George Manassa is used to having all he needs to help complete a job. Now he’s...

Philippa Martyr: Downton Abbey Catholicism

A Church for the modern person Having read the Australian Catholic Mass Attendance Report 2016, I think we can safely say that the experiment has...
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