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Parents have a role in keeping kids safe online

Being a parent or caregiver today is the hardest job there is. As the mother of five boys, I know it as much as anyone. Our love for our children is clouded with worry for the world they are moving into. It is so different from when we grew up.

Anthony Cleary: We need to free our kids from this ‘porndemic’

Although we live in an unprecedented information age, we are often blissfully unaware of matters that would ordinarily shock us. More often than not, it...

Monica Doumit: The elephant in the room

Have all the reviews and inquiries you want - but face up to the truth about the evil that causes bad things to happen There...

Benjamin Conolly: The lies sold to kids about sexual ’empowerment’

On Sunday 14 March the annual Grammy awards were held in the US. Nothing more than a prideful chance for the rich and famous...

Lockdown increases online abuse risk

Vatican expert on abuse Fr Hans Zollner issued an urgent warning to protect children from online predators.

Monica Doumit: Cashing in on tragedy

In Italy, one health risk is being replaced with another Imagine that in a few weeks’ time, we all go into lock down because of...

Stephen Buhagiar: Men, it is time! Let us go to Joseph

In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic currently sweeping northern Italy, a much more destructive virus is seeking to claim an even greater number...

New course answers what men want

A special program introducing men to the Theology of the Body will be run in Sydney next month.
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